Listed below are memorandums that have been issued from Craig Whitaker's office. Craig Whitaker is our architect and urban planner who is helping use develop the Community Plan. The following memorandums concern  pertinent municipal and state regulations concerning issues over Municipal Land Use Law.  There are frequent debates among citizens with respect to what our rights are over private property.   The following memos are meant to clarify some of the issues. Weehawken resident and student of urban planning, Susannah Shepherd has been working with Craig Whitaker and did the research on the following memos.

1.Memo on Open Space
2.Weehawken Township's right to plat the streets
3. The size of the land to be developed on the waterfront
4. Escrow Funds the town can require the developer to provide
5. Memo on Hi Rise Structures and building in coastal zones
6.Regulation of building on the Palisade no build zone