August 13, 1999

To: Friends of the Weehawken Waterfront

From: Susannah Shepherd

Re: Development Size

This memorandum is in response to questions raised about the actual acreage of the waterfront development proposed.

The combined area of land owned by both Roseland and Imperatore is upwards of 150 acres. According to the Weehawken land use regulations a developer is required to set aside 30% of the Development Area as common open space. By definition, the development area includes all land, including the Palisades, piers and platforms existing at the time of the developers application, however, the development area does not include any land underwater unless the developer has plans for such land to be filled, piered or platformed. Once one subtracts the land under water we see that the developers are then working with only 92.4 developable acres, and are therefore required to provide only 27.72 acres of common open space.

The developers can count the Palisades as part of the common open space requirements; however, they are still required to provide 25 square feet of developed open space1 for every 200 square feet of proposed development. Therefore, the developer must provide 11.2 of the 27.72 acres as developed open space. According to the definition of developed open space the Palisades may not be included in those 11.2 acres.

Note: Some numbers may be slightly different than those of the 7/25/99 memo because the new calculations have been based on the exact square footage figure just given to us of 3,827,840 square feet.

1 Developed Open Space is "open space that is developed with physical facilities for recreation uses such as, but not limited to, tennis, swimming, running volleyball, basketball, football, soccer, rugby, baseball, children’s play, exercise, picnicking, bocce, horseshoes, shuffleboard or board games." (Page 2306 of the Township of Weehawken’s Land Development Chapters.) "Land provided by the developer, as developed open space must be in contiguous parcels that are reasonably accessible both from the development as well as from the rest of the Town and must be open to every one."

From the Weehawken Land use chapters 23-10.4 i