Roseland Property & Their Proposed Development

on the Weehawken Waterfront

Background Information

Who owns the land?                                                                                                                                         HOMEPAGE

Some of the land on the Weehawken waterfront is owned by ARCORP, Inc. which is believed to be owned by Arthur Imperatore. Some of it is owned by Roseland Property Company. Roseland Property Company has entered into a partnership with ARCORP to develop the land. The terms of the partnership are unknown.

The official application was submitted by a limited liability corporation comprised of both interested parties. The name of the corporation is Roseland/Port Imperial South, L.L.C.. The law firm representing the LLC is Scarinci & Hollenbeck, 500 Plaza Dr., Secauscus NJ 07096.

Although it is privately owned land, Weehawken’s zoning ordinance and NJ law calls for a 30-foot public easement and a 16-foot walkway along the entire coast of the Hudson River.

How is the city of Weehawken structured?

Weehawken has a "council-manager" form of government. Among the council members, one is elected to be mayor by the council. All five council members were voted into a new four year term in May of 1998. The term began on July 1, 1998.

Roseland’s Application before the Weehawken Planning Board

The development application was submitted by Roseland/Port Imperial South L.L.C. in September, 1998. The first scheduled public hearing was on September 10th, 1998. Roseland initially introduced all three phases of the development. Subsequently, Roseland withdrew phases 2 and 3 and left only phase 1 before the planning board. This is known as segmentation and is a common practice to obfuscate the totality of a development and its overall impact on the town.

The Planning Board is appointed by the Mayor. It is the planning board’s task to review all aspects of the application including such issues as finance, traffic, sewage, electricity and water. Experts are called on to give their testimony on these issues. Citizens are permitted to express their opinions after expert testimony concludes.

If the board denies the application, the project is stopped. Roseland may submit a new plan or file for an appeal.

If the planning board approves the plan, they must "memorialize" the plan. This is done by simply voting on a resolution at the next planning board meeting to "memorialize" their approval. Once the approval of the application is memorialized, then Roseland has to apply for building permits. Take note: The City Council DOES NOT vote on the application. Approval for the application is done entirely by the planning board.

If the planning board approves the application, then Roseland Property still has to get approval from the NJ Department of Environmental Protection.

Roseland’s first phase calls for 50 to 90 townhouses, which they like to call "brownstones". Phase one will also renovate the Banana building as a health spa and catering hall for weddings. A condominium building near the restaurant Arthur’s Landing will be built and an elder care building 12 stories tall is proposed. This twelve story building could block half the view of the Hudson River from Boulevard East.

Weehawken's Zoning Codes regulating the views of the Hudson River

The Town of Weehawken has some complicated zoning code that partially protects the view of the Hudson River. However, a developer can build a building so high that half of the Hudson River is obscured from Boulevard East. There are three distinct view planes defined in the zoning code. They are the North Weehawken View Plane, the Palisades View Plane and the Old Glory Park View Plane.

Tell your elected representatives to change the zoning codes, so all the views of the Hudson River are protected all the way to the edge of the 30 foot walkway/easement.

Information is still being gathered on the entire development process. This is a time-consuming task. Anything that can be added to this pool of information is welcome. It will all be posted on this web site which is currently in its formative stage and still under construction.