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Friends of the Weehawken Waterfront

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The NY/NJ Baykeeper 5/16/99


http://www.betterwaterfront.com Hoboken Coalition for a Better Waterfront

http://www.rosaopenspace.org/  Roseland Property is knocking on the door in Ridgefield Connecticut.

http://www.hudsonriver.com        Hudson River Information
www.geocities.com/~hartwheels     Hudson County Alliance for Rational Transportation, many links to related sites
http://realtimes.com/rtnews/rtipages/19980611_easement.htm   Article on NJ Home Builder's lawsuit against the NJ DEP  Challenging the legality of a state mandated Hudson River Walkway on private land.

http://www.njfuture.org     Leaders in the crusade for smarter land use, and nationally recognized promoters of sustainable economic,environmental and social progress for all Garden State citizens.

http://nbcin.newschannel4.com/tvsd/features/skycam/inlincoln.shtml Live shot of traffic at the Lincoln Tunnel

http://www.hrpoca.com/whatsnew.htm     The Hudson River Property Owners and Conservators Association (HRPOCA) has petitioned Governor Christine Whitman for help in securing additional public funding to complete the Hudson River Walkway

http://www.state.nj.us/lps/elec/ NJ Election Law Enforcement Commission

http://www.hudsonedc.org/demographics.html     Hudson County Demographics

http://www.piperinfo.com/state/slnj.html     Guide to NJ Government Web Sites

http://www.senate.gov/  Guide to the US Senate
http://www.house.gov/   Guide to the US House

http://www.tray.com/fecinfo/ Federal Election Commission National Politicians Campaign Contributors

http://www.soc.american.edu/campfin/njfec.html NJ State Representatives Campaign Contributors

http://www.state.nj.us/governor/officeo.htm Link to Governer Whitman’s Office

http://www.tpl.org         Trust for Public Land, Preservation of Public Land