Table of Contents Legal Brief

Part 1--Statement of Fact & Review of Sept 10, 1998 Planning Board Hearing

Part 2--Review of Sept. 24, 1998 Planning Board Hearing

Part 3--Review of Oct. 22, 1998 Planning Board Hearing

Part 4--Review of Nov. 5, 1998 Planning Board Hearing-First Half

Part 5--Review of Nov 5, 1998 Planning Board Hearing-Second Half

Part 6--Legal Arguments Points 1 & 2

Part 7--Legal Argument Points 3 & 4

Part 8--Legal Argument Point 5, First Half, Items 1-19

Part 9--Legal Argument Point 5, Second Half, Items 20-30

Part 10--Legal Argument Point 6

Part 11--Legal Argument Points 7, 8, 9 & Conclusion

The Entire Brief--NOTE: Some users have had difficulties downloading the entire file due to its large size(207KB).

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