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Friends of the Weehawken Waterfront

Legal Issues & Lawsuit
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Report by from Hoboken on FWW lawsuit challenging Roseland's Phase 1 Approval 4/19/99
Complete Text of Lawsuit Complaint filed in Hudson County Superior challenging Phase 1 Approval 3/6/99
The problem with 58 townhouses on the Weehawken Waterfront, same as Shelter Bay Condos 4/19/99
             The chronic conflict between public access and private property.
Index of Our Legal Brief Broken down into 9 parts New 10/3/99

Entire Text of Our Legal Brief--Big File 110 pages 207KB   8/7/99  This is an amazing read. Very informative. Some users have had problems loading the size of the file. If you are having problems, try the Indexed Version

Our attorney James Segreto