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Re: Stop Roseland Property from ruining Weehawken's beautiful vistas! Save our quality of life.

Weehawken residents voted 3 to 1 in favor of referendum one.


I am deeply concerned about the development of the Hudson River waterfront in Weehawken, NJ proposed by Roseland Property Corp.

The unique and beautiful views of the Hudson River from the promenade on Boulevard East are threatened. All of the views will change for the worse and at some points from the boulevard, the view of the water will be partially blocked. This is not just any ordinary view. This is a magnificent view which thousands of your constituents come to see every year.

Additionally, our quality of life is threatened. Development along the Hudson River is out of control without any regional planning whatsoever. On River Road in West New York, traffic congestion is terrible. This is caused by an aggressive spread of development which spans from the waters edge to the very edge of the road! Many views of the Hudson River and NYC have already disappeared from the public eye and are only available to a few private citizens. Weehawken is the only township left on the Hudson River that has an opportunity to treat the land in a more intelligent way.

Don't let this opportunity be squandered. This beautiful stretch of land in Weehawken is the gateway to New Jersey and a truly precious public asset. I urge you to focus on this issue. Get involved. Listen to your constituents. In Weehawken, we have voted 3 to 1 to preserve our open space and protect our quality of life.

Please provide strong leadership regarding this matter and help us find the funding to purchase this land and give it to the citizens of Hudson County for the benefit of many, not just a privileged few.


Sincerely yours,









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