July 28th, 1999

To: Friends of the Weehawken Waterfront

From: Susannah Shepherd

Re: Prohibited build zones east of the Palisades

In the area north of a line through the center of 48th Street and 350 east of a line down the center of Boulevard East, no structure may be built, except for a special entry building.

A Special entry building may be constructed only if it contains a means of public vertical transportation, such as elevators or escalators, to transport pedestrians between Boulevard East and the development. The special entry building may also contain the following: a parking garage with at least 75% of the spaces available for residents of Weehawken who do not live in the planned development, a terminal for public transportation, retail stores and restaurants.

To the south of a line down the center of 48th Street, no structure may be built west of the Conrail right-of way. Existing roads may, however, be improved, widened or relocated. Pedestrian facilities may also be constructed in the prohibited build zone provided that such facilities provide public pedestrian vertical transportation between Boulevard East and the planned development.

23-10.4 section h, paragraph 1 and 23-10.4 section i, paragraph 2 of the Township of Weehawken Land Development Chapters