Saturday, January 2nd 1999-- Season's Greetings & Happy New Year!!

The next Weehawken Planning Board meeting is scheduled for January 5, 1999.
Tuesday Evening, 8:00 PM, City Hall, 400 Park Ave., Weehawken, NJ.

The Weehawken Planning Board has been known to change the meeting at the last minute. Call 201-319-6005 to verify the date and time.

The city gave us a total of five days notice, three of which were a holiday weekend.

This meeting is scheduled even before the Mayor has finished the work of the "special subcommittee" to revise the plan. Does this meeting mean that the work of the "special subcommittee" all for naught?  The "special subcommittee" has been sworn to secrecy. How can a public process be sworn to secrecy?  Mayor Turner owes the citizens of Weehawken an explanation.

Members of the "special subcommittee" are Mayor Richard Turner, Carl Goldberg, Vice-President Roseland Property, Mark Gould, Chairman Weehawken Planning Board, Rosemary Lavagnio, 2nd Ward Councilmember, and the following citizens of Weehawken: Bruce Sherman-President Weehawken Environmental Committee, Til Globig--VP WEC. Til is an architect, Ruth Elsasser--WEC Trustee Emeritus.

The Weehawken Planning Board is expected to memorialize phase one of the waterfront development by Roseland Property/Port Imperial South. It is important you attend this meeting and speak out, on public record, that you object to this memorialization.  If the plan is memorialized, the next option is to appeal the plan in Superior Court.

Below is the actual copy of the announcement from the Township of Weehawken.