December 4, 1998

Roseland Property’s Application to the NJ Department of Environmental Protection.

Roseland Property / Port Imperial South, LLC have already submitted their application to the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection for approval of the "Brownstones."(the Townhouses north of the Banana Building) The application does not include renovation of the banana building, the elder care center, or the 3 story condominium next to Arthur’s Landing that was presented to the planning board for phase 1.

The application to the NJ DEP is the first phase of much larger project. The larger project was originally introduced to the planning board on September 10th, 1998. Roseland Property subsequently withdrew the application for phase 2 and phase 3 and only submitted the plans for phase 1.

The application, as presented to the NJ DEP, is too small to warrant a public hearing unless you speak out. It is important that there is a public hearing so that the NJ DEP can understand how the residents of Weehawken and Hudson County feel about all the development on the Hudson River. The NJ DEP must look at this "Brownstone" application in the larger context of the entire Hudson River waterfront.

If enough citizens write the NJ DEP, they will agree to have a public hearing in Weehawken.

We urge you to write a letter to the NJ DEP. If you can email a copy to us for our records we would appreciate it. When writing your letter refer to application #0911-98001.1


Send your letters to:

Susan Lawson
Land Use Regulatory Program
PO Box 439
Trenton, NJ 08625-0439

ref 0911-98001.1

Send Copies to the following people:

cc: Land Use Bureau Manager: Ruth Ehinger, NJ DEP, PO Box 439, Trenton NJ 08625

cc: Bill Neyenhouse, Hudson River Walkway Coordinator, NJ DEP, PO Box 418, Trenton NJ 08625

cc: Robert C. Shinn, Commissioner NJ DEP, PO Box 402, Trenton, NJ 08625

cc Governor Christine Todd Whitman

In your letter include the following points:

  1. Roseland’s segmentation of a larger project enables the developer to short-cut the process and bypass public scrutiny, eliminating public hearings and quietly get the NJ DEP’s approval without public knowledge.
  2. Weehawken residents are very concerned and DO NOT want to be excluded from the application process.
  3. Residents of Weehawken have a right to be informed and we object to Roseland’s piecemeal approach.
  4. Residents of Weehawken are very concerned about the collective impact on Weehawken of all the new developments on the Hudson River, from Hoboken to Fort Lee.