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Why don't they do something?

Who is they?

They is YOU!

YOU can make a difference.

What can YOU do?


Roseland Property Development is threatening your view of the Hudson River and bringing traffic congestion to your front doorstep in Weehawken. Have you been to West New York lately or the Edgewater Mall? Traffic is terrible and the view of the Hudson River from River Road has disappeared behind barrack style housing. Do you want this to spread to Weehawken?

All political change begins with a grass roots effort. You have to let your elected servants know how you feel about the development of the Weehawken Waterfront. You have to let them know you feel so strongly about this, that you will not vote for them again if they support this development.

What can you do? You can do many things. All of us are pressed for time and we understand it is not easy to get involved. But if you can try to do at least one item on the following list it would help immensely.


1. Write your elected public servants. Enclosed is a sample letter and addresses. Include your name and address, and be sure to sign it. If possible, make copies and mail to all politicians on the list . Give copies to your friends. If our elected officials receive hundreds of letters, they will take notice.

2. Sign the petition. A petition with thousands of signatures will send a clear message to Mayor Turner. Remember, there are only 12,385 residents of Weehawken. Sign and be counted.

3. Volunteer to help collect signatures in the petition drive. Besides the petition drive, volunteers are needed to get the word out to others. Call Friends of the Weehawken Waterfront, 201-223-1378. Your help is needed.

4. Attend the public hearings of the planning board. We will post the next date on our web site. For the next date, you can always check with the city of Weehawken, 319-6005. The planning board holds the power to approve or deny Roseland Property's application to build this massive development. Members of the planning board are not elected officials. They are appointed by the Mayor of Weehawken. The planning board has only 120 days to make a decision from the time an application is submitted.

6. Write Roseland Property. Tell them what you think.
Carl Goldberg-VP
Roseland Property
140 Eagle Rock Ave.
Roseland, NJ 07068-1320
FAX 973-228-7715

6. Join your neighbors and RALLY at Hamilton Park(Blvd East & Hudson Place). We will be holding rallies periodically to show support for our cherished views. Our first rally on Saturday November 14th, was very successful. Bring your friends and family. We will have more rallies in the future to show our support of a truly public waterfront.
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7. If you feel so inclined, visit an existing Roseland Development.

Cedar Street Commons
156 E. Cedar St.
Livingston, NJ

(De gustibus non disputandem est)

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Pershing Road,
Weehawken, NJ 07087

9. Help us build our web site.

10. Write you local newspapers.
       Weehawken Reporter
       1400 Washington St.
       Hoboken, NJ 07030

     Jersey Journal
     30 Journal Sq.
     Jersey City, NJ 07306


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