July 29th, 1999

To: Friends of the Weehawken Waterfront

From: Susannah Shepherd

Re: High Rise Structure Regulations


Following are the applicable portions of the New Jersey Administrative Code 7:7E-7.14, High Rise Structures:

"(a) All high rise structures are more than six stories or more than 60 feet from existing pre-constructed ground level.

High rise structures are encouraged to locate in an area of existing high density, high-rise and/or intense settlements. Utility structures that have a demonstrated need are exempt from this rule, but must comply with all other applicable Coastal Rules. High-rise housing and structures are acceptable subject to the following conditions:

High-rise structures within the view of coastal waters are prohibited unless separated from coastal waters by at least one public road or an equivalent area (at least 50 feet) physically and visually open to the public except as provided by N.J.A.C. 7:7E-3.48;

The longest lateral dimension of any high-rise structure must be orientated perpendicular to the beach or coastal waters;

The proposed structures which must not block the view of dunes, beaches, horizons, skylines, rivers, inlets, bays, or oceans that are currently enjoyed from residential structures, public roads or pathways, to the maximum extent practicable;

The proposed structure must be in character with the surrounding transitional heights and residential densities, or be in character with a municipal comprehensive development scheme requiring an increase in height and density which is consistent with all applicable Rules on Coastal Zone Management;

The proposed structure must not have an adverse impact on air quality, traffic and existing infrastructure.

(b) Considerable recent residential development along the coast, from the Palisades to the barrier islands, has taken the form of high-rise, high-density towers… some high-rise structures represent a visual intrusion, cause adverse traffic impacts, and cast shadows on beaches and parks. The policy seeks not to ban high-rise structures, but to provide criteria for their development at suitable locations in the coastal zone."