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The image above depicts the Community Plan.  The Community Plan is a land use plan for the Weehawken Waterfront.  The plan was created by the Friends of the Weehawken Waterfront. The FWW hired Craig Whitaker, a world renowned architect and urban planner, to help us create the plan.  This is a work in progress. We actively seek the input from all citizens of Weehawken. Please contact us about your concerns for the Community Plan at info@weehawkenwaterfront.com

This plan is dramatically different from the Roseland Property Plan.  The reason we created this plan is to show the Township that there is a better way to use the waterfront land. This is a plan that is evolving towards a town-wide consensus. Why should we tolerate Roseland's flawed plan when we know there is a much better alternative?

Some key points of the FWW Community Plan are:

  1. Lower building height to protect all views of the Hudson River, not just "view corridors".
  2. Continuous public park along the entire waterfront.
  3. A road separates public space from private space.
  4. Public access at all points.
  5. The size of the park far exceeds NJ DEP’s 30 foot walkway mandate.
  6. Grid system to keep Weehawken’s neighborhood character and encourage a vibrant community.
  7. A plan to keep traffic from overwhelming the town.
  8. Enough square footage to satisfy the developer’s needs.